Visual goal-setting to turn ideas into reality and problems into solutions

About this blog

Hi, I’m Lynsey. This blog is all about using visual imagery to set goals and solve problems. I will be exploring the science behind visual goal-setting (including the latest evidence to come from the fields of psychology and neuroscience). I hope to find answers to questions such as:

Why is using images so much more effective than simply writing your goals down?

How can visual goal-setting techniques be used to solve problems?

Where do you start with visual goal-setting?

What do you do once you have visualised your goals/problem?

Who can benefit from visual goal-setting?

If you have any specific questions you want me to explore then drop me a comment and I’ll be happy to look into it.

A bit about me

For the past twenty years I have worked as an engineer, manager and consultant primarily in the aerospace and defence industry. I am a Chartered Engineer who also holds degrees in Engineering, Business Management and Psychology. I have worked in academia and industry ranging from independent consultancies to FTSE 100 where I currently hold an executive position. I have worked as a freelance independent consultant and at one point even owned a franchise. Over the years I have seen all manner of processes, tools and techniques for setting goals, defining strategies and solving problems. Whilst studying Psychology I became fascinated with cognitive psychology and neuroscience (basically how the brain works) and the opportunity that advances in our understanding might have for improvements in people’s everyday lives over and above the huge improvements these fields are making to people that have damage to the brain or cognitive impairment due to illness or injury.

I have always loved drawing and other creative pursuits but the demands of my job in the corporate world have meant that for the most part this creative side of me has taken a back seat (aside from scribbling the odd drawing for my daughter!). What I discovered in visual goal-setting is the potential to draw on the our creative side to help us in other, more cognitive areas of our lives such as learning, decision-making, goal-setting, problem-solving to name but a few. I hope you enjoy my journey finding a way to bring this vastly underused method to people in all walks of life, from classroom to boardroom, individual to corporation.


My hectic life!

Oh and by the way I’m a mum and for the past 6 or 7 years have had to juggle work, motherhood and studying for my Psychology degree part-time so anything that helps me clarify my goals and solve problems creatively, innovatively and efficiently gets my vote! So whoever you are, if you are looking at this site, it is for you!


1 Comment(s)

  1. Lisa Penny

    December 15, 2013 at 12:39 am

    Really interesting, Lynsey. As well as being an actor I’ve recently started working for a company ( Learning Performance Ltd) that uses Association Maps as a creative study skill , which we teach in schools . As well as words it uses images to help memorise the information. You ‘re probably familiar with these. If not , take a look at their site . (Looking forward to reading more!) Lisa

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