I had hoped to write a longer post today perhaps exploring some of the ways visual goal-setting is being used but as happens sometimes it’s been an unexpectedly busy day. The boiler broke, someone from the council has been round to resolve a dispute with a neighbouring school and before I knew it the day was gone.

I have been doing visual goal-setting and problem-solving in my own haphazard way for quite some time, unawares that anyone was making a living out of it, offering it to large corporations or writing books on it. It was only recently when I saw Patti Dobrowolski’s TED Talk that I realised the real potential of this thing I did for myself all the time that could be applied in a wider capacity. More on Patti’s work in the next post but those TED talks have done it again. Sparked my interest and caught my attention. I got an email today about their latest venture in collaboration with a Brazilian magazine Superinteressante. Each month, the magazine’s editors take a classic TED Talk and give it a visual whirl. It isn’t visual goal setting or problem solving as such but does show the power of visual
images to capture ideas and information. Check an example out for yourself here:

Hopefully the boiler will be fixed tomorrow and I’ll have time to write my next post with a real introduction to the power of visual goal-setting (and with a bit of luck I won’t need to wear gloves, hat and scarf to do it!).